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10 Real Life Facts To Purposely Gross & Freak You Out

I scoured the internet out of morbid curiosity to share some real-life horror stories, continue if you dare.

  1. Wes Cravens Nightmare On Elm Street was inspired by a true story of someone who died in their sleep during a nightmare. The said victim claimed that he was being hunted in his dreams and tried to stay awake for multiple days to avoid being taken. A scream in the middle of the night was heard and he was found lying on his bed, deceased.

2. During the French Revolution, the Guillotine would often run dull after a few decapitations meaning people would rush to be first in line as cutting off the head became less successful after the first try.

3. Due to the release of gases and liquids, within four days your body post mortem will swell up to about double to quadruple times the original size.

4. Everyone has tiny mites known as Demodicids that live on the eyelashes. They feed off dead skin and poof into thin air upon death.

5. Medical error has been the cause of about a quarter-million deaths each year.

6. Speaking of gasses released after death, if your coffin is sealed tight enough, you'll likely explode inside of it and leak fluids into the ground.

7. In India, you may see a different type of funeral. The Zoroastrian Parsi community will feed it's dead to vultures as the most sustainable burial method. It is known as a Tibetan sky burial.

8. In the 1800s, those who needed dentures practically received somebody else teeth as deceased people donated their own teeth for the unfortunate.

9. Leading up to the 19th century, some medicines could render patients unresponsive, a comatose that most people mistook as being a cadaver. In this case, being buried alive would linger in the back of people's heads after each cough.

10. Scaphism, a form of torture and eventual execution, would consist of someone being covered in honey, inserted into a hollowed log, and then left there for nature to do the job. This year is terrifying, but imagine being fed to the animals.

What do you think about these facts? Did they make you squirm a little? They did for me!

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