3 Different Assassin's Creed Shows Coming To Netflix!!

This isn't the first attempt at a series for this franchise. Let's hope this one pans out!!

I love the Assassin's Creed video game series. Especially the early ones with Desmond. And I've always thought the story and world they have crafted is a gold mine for films and TV shows!

They have attempted to make a series based on the video games before several times. And it usually doesn't pan out. However, there was one feature film starring Michael Fassbender. A lot of people didn't like it. But I did.

I thought it was enjoyable and entertaining enough. And the plot was close to the video games. But I hope this new TV show follows the games more accurately, including having the original characters gamers love so much.

This isn't the first video game series recently announced at Netflix. As you may or may not know, two different Resident Evil series are coming to the streaming platform soon!

But when it comes to Assassin's Creed, there won't be two series... there will be THREE!

Those three shows will be

  1. A live action series

  2. An animated series

  3. An anime series

No showrunner for the series have been announced. Nor has a plot, release window, cast or anything else.

But let's hope the series is good and does justice to the incredible video game franchise!! Let's hope for a couple seasons of the Ezio plotline!

Are you excited for an Assassin's Creed series??

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