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5 Horror Movies To Look Forward to On Shudder This Month

Shudder Won't Be Letting Horror Fans Down This Month Despite The Delays. So Check Out These Options!

Shudder is a subscription service for the horror, thriller, and suspense genres. A haven for horror fans. Enjoy exceptional originals, movies, TV series, podcasts, and live streaming events! These are some of the newest films that will be added to the streaming service this month!

1. Cleansing Hour - October 8

This is a movie about a duo of producers broadcasting fake exorcisms over social media, but then a real demon gets involved. Director Damien LeVeck captures Millennials Drew and Max as their staged hoaxes become real-life horror when they find one of their fiancés is possessed. I love exorcist movies and the reviews are mostly positive so strap in for this one!

2. Mohawk - October 12

This action drama's Apocalypto/Apocalypse Now feels has immediately drawn me in. It's set in 1912 around three indigenous people put up against a squad of American soldiers. The women on the poster is part of a Mohawk Tribe who will be aided in summoning her powers. You're looking for a gritty and brutal time with this one, for it's the main selling point.

3. The Mortuary Collection - October 15

Having covered this yesterday I still think it's important to shove this in your face some more. I'm a fan of horror anthologies... Tales From the Crypt, The Creepshow, V/H/S, etc. It follows a young drifter applying for a job at a funeral home run by mortician Montgomery Dark, played by Clancy Brown, who then reveals some horror stories he's experienced through his time leading up to his retirement. This is one of the new releases this October so if you've seen most of these I've listed get ready to mourn the dead in this fantasy/horror anthology.

4. Malasana 32 - October 22

This movie plans to up the ante as far as paranormal activity type films go. The setting is 1976 Madrid, following a family who just moved into a new home that they soon find is plagued by paranormal entities. In hopes of a better life, the family soon will face intense nightmares and they can't afford to simply escape. This film is interesting, because the hotel skips the 13th floor. In real life, 32 Manuela Malasana street in Madrid does not exist.

5. May The Devil Take You Too - October 29

The sequel to Timo Tjahjanto's hit comes to shudder this month and is also a paranormal movie. The movie prior, May The Devil Take You, followed Alfie, a young woman looking to uncover dark secrets in an old and spooky villa. This next addition will continue Alfie's story two years after. If you would like to see the first movie if you have not already, you will find it on Netflix.

Which movie are you most excited to come to Shudder this month?