5 Movies That Were Ruined Because the Dog Dies

Everyone knows that the cute puppy that runs on screen in the beginning of the film usually dies before the end. It's a horror movie cliche at this point, and I'm sick of it. To be specific, it bothers me to the point of my blood boiling... Then I vomit, well maybe not vomit, but it still sucks.

My dogs on the other hand love it, for them it means extra snacks and relentless cuddles.

Anyone who knows me, or has read any of my articles, probably knows this one fact.


When a dog dies on screen, it traumatizes me. The echos of the dogs whimper haunts me as I lay in bed that night. The cold lifeless eyes burned into my mind while showering, working or just driving home. I love horror, I really do, but I don't love looking at a poor pup being needlessly killed.

Here's a list of 5 horror movies that were ruined for me - or at least weren't as good as they could have been - because the dog dies.

And you better read it, writing this article forced me to relive these moments all for the sake of your entertainment. You are welcome.



Don't get me wrong, I love Steven Spielberg's 1975 iconic shark movie. (If you haven’t yet, CLICK HERE to read my article about Jaws.) Despite my love for the film, I also think they could have left out the 2nd (assumed) victim - Pippit the black lab. Why on earth would they want to kill off such an adorable, beautiful animal?

Pippet is innocently swimming with a stick in the ocean, like a good boy, and next thing we know, he's is shark brunch! Some people, like me, pretend that Pippet got away. That somehow he swam off to an island full of endless treats and belly rubs.

We can only hope…

There is one redeeming factor for JAWS. (Beyond it being an amazing movie) It’s that Pipet's death doesn't happen on screen. We’re left only with the floating stick, a depressing implication. I have to admit, too, that dogs are fairly common shark food, but it wasn't necessary for the plot, was it?

By the way, a dog doesn't die in the book!

As an avid lover of both sharks and dogs, you can imagine how heartbreaking this scene was for me.

Crimson Peak

This 2015 ghost story directed by Guillermo Del Toro was well received when it came out. (And the cinematography is absolutely stunning) Most of the story is set in 1901 and follows a woman named Edith Cushing. I won't go in to too much detail about the plot, but what you do need to know is that the dog dies.

Edith meets a beautiful papillon dog when she moves to England with her new husband, Thomas, and his sister, Lucille, after Edith's father is murdered.

Fluffy the papillon gives a wonderful performance, but is murdered in the final scenes of the movie when Lucille snaps his neck. Luckily, you can't really see it happening...

The Witch (or The VVitch)

Yet another 2015 horror movie, this one taking place in the 1630s. Taking place in New England just before the occurrences of the Salem Witch Trials.

It follows a family with several children, who were banished from their Plymouth colony and moved near a large forest to build a farm and try and start over.

The oldest two children, Thomasin and Caleb, go to check their traps in the forest early one morning with the family dog, Fowler. A rabbit appears, spooking their horse, who throws Thomasin off in a panic, knocking her unconscious. Fowler chases the rabbit.

Caleb gets lost in the thick woods while trying to find the dog. What he finds is something of nightmares. He finds the disemboweled corpse of Fowler.

Vomiting intensifies.

The Collection

I accidentally watched this 2012 sequel to The Collector several times before I realized it was a sequel. (Seriously, even the cover is almost identical.)

In this film, several people try to break into a house, that happens to be filled with traps, (think SAW II, but probably even macabre) to save a girl that has been kidnapped by "The Collector." When they first enter the house, a dog that has been tortured and drugged attacks them. They are forced to stab it to death.

I give this one a bit of a pass for killing the dog, because goddamn please help it stop suffering! Though I still don't like the fact that the dog is there to begin with...

A dog also dies in the first film, just FYI. Maybe in the third one - scheduled to come out later this year - they'll finally let the pup live... But I won't get my hopes up...

I Am Legend

Here it is. The PIVITOL "The dog dies" movie. This is the movie to ruin all movies. The movie that made people say "Oh, well it affected people so much in that, maybe we should kill the dog in our movie too"

The last human on earth (Will Smith) is trying to survive the apocalypse. Who’s his only friend, you ask? Well it just so happens to be his late daughter’s dog. Even if we haven't seen the movie… you know where this is going.

Abbey and Kona, the dogs who acted in the film, did an outstanding job playing the dog Sam - short for Samantha. In a heartbreaking turn of events, Sam gets bitten by an infected dog, and is eventually killed in an act of mercy.

Will Smith’s character, Neville Longbottom, tries to save her, but fails (Of course). And in one of the most gut punching, soul stabbing, dream shattering scenes ever, Neville has to strangle Sam.

Excuse me while I cry. (Let me say this though... At least this scene had an emotional purpose and was beautifully done, I still hate it though.)


Discovering the website www.DoesTheDogDie.com has forever altered my life. Being able to just search any movie to make sure I'm not forced to watch yet another poor pupper getting mindlessly murdered.

It's a crowd-sourced website, also available on IOS and Android

The community has a strong love for dogs just like me, and if you read this far in the article, I'm guessing you as well!

Was there a movie that was ruined for you when the dog died? Let us know in the comments!

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