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50 CENT Just Signed A Deal To Make Horror Movies

Alongside Eli Roth, 50 Cent wants to create “movies others are too afraid to make”

Rapper 50 Cent has dipped his feet into the acting and producing world for sometime now. He recently has been a part of executive producing Starz 6 season long show "Power". Teaming up with Eli Roth, 50 Cent is now part of a 3 movie deal in an attempt to make "movies others are afraid to make".

Eli Roth has already made movies others are afraid to make such as Green Inferno, so I'm afraid of what f**ked up sh!t is to come.

“Both 50 and James Frey have never shied away from controversial, boundary-pushing material and have made massive global cultural impacts from their raw creative energy. We want to bring that same fun and danger to this new fantastic slate of elevated scary films. We want to make the movies others are too afraid to make.”

- Eli Roth

Do you think 50 Cent will make a fine contribution to the horror genre?

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