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A Group Of Hikers Stumble Upon Forgotten Evil In Peter Tiemann's 'The Stairs'

For all of you getting comfortable enough to go outside, don't watch this movie

The Stairs is a terrifying thriller following a group of hikers that stumble across a long-forgotten evil. The North American rights were acquired by Cinedigm, who have the pleasure of bringing us the film.

The film is a creature feature and has been described as being a visceral experience.

With each step away from civilization, they are pulled deeper into the treacherous trap of the mountain terrain where they stumble upon the same set of ominous stairs. Descending deep below the earth, they find themselves coming face to face with the thing that nightmares are made of.”

Directed by Peter "Drago" Tiemann.

John Schneider, Kathleen Quinlan, Brent Bailey, Adam Korson, and Stacey Oristano star.

What's the densest forest you've traversed?

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