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A New Pet Sematary Movie Is In Development For Paramount+

I'm thinking Paramount+ is going to be where it's at soon

A new Pet Sematary movie is in the works and will be dropping on the Paramount+ streaming platform in the form of a prequel telling. Who else is excited for more undead cats?

I haven't heard of Paramount+ and I think it's because there hasn't been enough horror on the streaming platform. I sense that will change, just like my wallet, which will soon just change. I will attempt to keep everyone updated on all the Paramount+ horror to come but there is a LOT. I think a list is inevitable in our near future.

Pet Sematary is an American supernatural horror film directed by Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widymer. The 2019 film was written by Jeff Buhler and follows a family that discovers a mysterious graveyard that reanimates whatever is buried there. The film was very slow-paced as it was filled to the brim with atmosphere and the occasional jump scare.

Jeff Buhler is coming back to write the prequel as Lorenzo di Bonaventura produces. The world is based on Stephen King's Pet Sematary novel.

What's the best Stephen King movie adaptation?

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