A Third Quiet Place Film Is Already In The Works - John Krasinski Not Directing

We've been waiting forever to see the second one!

A Quiet Place was such a good film, and the second one was supposed to come out last April but was delayed due to COVID. John Krasinski, of The Office fame, proved once again that people known mainly for comedy can also have serious horror chops.

Before the second one has even been released, Paramount has announced that a third film is already in the works! But John Krasinski will not be writing or directing, like he did for the first two films.

Instead, the third film will be written and directed by Jeff Nichols. Who wrote and directed the INCREDBILE film Mud, starring Matthew McConaughey. I'm sad that Krasinski won't be returning, but Nichols is a great director in his own right, and I'm sure he will bring something amazing to this franchise.

However, according to sources, Krasinski did come up with the idea for the third film, even though he won't be writing or directing.

It also hasn't been confirmed that the third film will be A Quiet Place 3, or simply a spin-off. Either way, my hype is through the roof!

Are you excited to see where The Quiet Place franchise goes??

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