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A Wake Inn Offers Up Unique Wheelchair-Bound VR Horror

Sounds like a whole lot of nope to me ...

A Wake Inn is one of the most interesting VR titles I've seen this year. I wonder if it's a play on words for 'Awaken' and there are larger elements at play.

Horror games are terrifying. Being in a VR horror game is pretty terrifying. Being bound to a wheelchair in a VR horror game is very terrifying. Don't try this at home.

On February 25th, VR Bros' are releasing their newest VR horror experience that confines you in a wheelchair in an abandoned hotel.

I might play this game if at some point I can upgrade my wheelchair with a jetpack on the back but that would either defeat the purpose of being scared or make me throw up or both.

You'll have to be stealthy and fast with your new wheelchair, as well as solve some puzzles along the way, because what's a terrifying experience without some brain teasers?

A Wake Inn is playable through your Oculus Rift or Vive headsets. You can purchase the game on Steam for PC.

Are you brave enough to cripple yourself in the face of horror?

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