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'Alien Awakening' Chinese Monster Movie Inspired By Lovecraftian Monster Cthulu

Fantasy horror, ominous music, and large monster tentacles

Don't get confused by the title. This isn't the next Alien movie we're still waiting for. She's From Another Planet director Lin Yunxiang took LoveCraft inspired Cthulu mythology and turned it into an alien film herself.

“tells a fantasy horror adventure story triggered by a mysterious quantum mechanics experiment. Its brain-opening science fiction stories, exotic monsters in the strange world, and realistic visual effects will lead the audience into the unknown world where the “mysterious ruler” is located.”

Zheng Xitong, Wang Yiqi, and Xu Shaoxiong will lead.

I'm hoping for a film like the The Host. Though Lin isn't as renowned as Bong Joon Ho, who directed (one of mParasitey favorite films of late), I have a weak spot for Chinese fantasy horror.

The film is shy of a lot of details and we only have speculations, a few posters, and trailers.

Are you excited for to see this new monster film?

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