AMC's FearFest Will Be Running All of October!

We may not have most haunted houses... But we have FearFest!

I've always loved AMC's yearly FearFest and that's why I am stoked to announce this year they have turned it into a MASSIVE month long event!

Starting on October 1st, you can expect Halloween content all month.

AMC's website shows a jam packed schedule in the first couple days alone with titles such as: From Dusk Till Dawn, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Bride of Chucky, Halloween, Halloween 4, Halloween 5, The Amityville Horror, The People Under the Stairs, Seed of Chucky, Halloween: Resurrection, Halloween 6, Amityville II, and various Hellraiser sequels.

Keep up to date with The Bloody Pulp for the official full schedule once it's released!

Are you excited for FearFest? Let us know in the comments!

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