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Amnesia: Rebirth By Frictional Games Is A Perfect Sequel In My Opinion

Not because it's 'bigger' and 'better' but because it's Amnesia

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, when this game dropped just a few weeks ago I've been so excited to play it. I wish I could have finished it earlier but in order to better my opinion, I wanted to play a little bit of the classic first game and dip my foot back into the second.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is an absolute classic and was the game that really got famous Youtuber Pewdiepie's channel started. It was the beginning of the narrative-driven horror titles we see in the market today.

Rushing through the first couple chapters of the first, and then playing a little bit of the second to get my feel, I was ready for Rebirth. The feeling of Dark Descent matched pretty closely to Rebirth. Running around dark hallways and dungeons with devilish levels of anxiety creeping under your skin and being uncertain of what's to come next was the Amnesia game I wanted. Amnesia isn't just straight monsters and terrifying encounters.

Frictional Games sprinkle the encounters so expertly amongst the captivating story. The whole world is dark and there aren't many encounters with monsters but you never know when there will be.

Being at the disadvantage of however many light sources you manage to scrounge up and, there wasn't many, I found it an exciting yet terrifying experience managing light sources and my thrill levels at the same time.

A lot of the game is puzzles which would turn away some but I'm dumb as nails and when I really put each variable I was given in front of me I found them all to be very manageable puzzles. If you need a walkthrough, use a walkthrough, even though they tend to spoil the game if you read too far ahead, and this game was full of surprises.

Ok, so this game is bigger and better. When I was playing it I didn't want creatures chasing me the whole time like what I feel most people wanted while playing this game. The outdoor environments were so massive and when you're scavenging through the deep underground tunnels and tombs it feels so claustrophobic. The mix between the open desert and hellish chambers made for a really fun horror experience that leaned more on the side of adventure. It would of been extremely hard to of taken in these environments running for my life.

That's not to say you're not ever making a B-line to the nearest crevice in a room to hide ever so often. But, you are a pregnant woman so whenever it did happen I'm going, "C'mon give this poor women a break!" There's a time towards the end where you just blindly walk into a room full of creatures to soon be running from all of the creatures, and that was a long sequence. The baby had to be looking like a hamster on a hamster wheel at that point!

Anyway, there is just so much to talk about this game and you could probably tell that I really enjoyed it. I want to talk to you guys about it so let me know your thoughts and if you've completed the game and want more, the first and second are available. Also, S.O.M.A is one of Frictional Games latest titles in the Amnesia vein or you can check out the Penumbra series which is a bit older.

I appreciate you for entertaining my enjoyment of splattering these thoughts on recent horror films and games to you and hope you stick around for more. Amnesia: Rebirth is available on Microsoft Windows and PS4 for you to check it out yourself!

What's your favorite narrative driven horror title?