Apparently There Is A Petition To Remove "SPLIT" From Netflix. Are You Chill, Or Do You Agree?

In case you forgot, Hedwig ate a hotdog.

Yes. You read that title correctly. There is a petition to get M. Night Shyamalan's SPLIT removed from Netflix.

Not only is there a petition, but...

It has THOUSANDS of signatures.

Part of the petition reads:

"This petition is aimed at Netflix, Inc., who currently airs Split on the streaming platform in select countries, giving readily available access to the heavily dehumanizing stigma that this movie creates. The petition is not from one person- or a single collective of people- but from the dissociative identity disorder community at large, and any one who considers themselves to be an advocate to those with mental illnesses. We need to decide where to draw the line on entertainment media, and vastly under-represented minority groups that struggle to be seen in the first place is a good place to start. The dissociative identity disorder community and its allies ask Netflix, Inc. to either remove the title from its service, or add a disclaimer that the film is not representative of DID as a whole."

Okay, okay. We at The Bloody Pulp don't look down on mental illnesses. I, and everyone in our staff is pretty F-ed up in one way or another. But, if you do have Dissociative Identity Disorder, and are offended, can't you just wait until you switch to a personality that isn't so sensitive?

All jokes aside. Split clearly takes place in a universe that isn't our own. People, specifically the controversial character of Kevin Wendell Crumb, have superpowers, and can get shot with a shotgun at point blank range without bleeding. This movie doesn't represent you, or anyone in real life.

If you don't believe me, (I wouldn't blame you if you didn't), here is a link to the actual petition that is actually being signed.

I wonder if people who have drowned, or were bullied, are offended by Jason Voorhees? Or burned victims think Freddy Kruger represents them?

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