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Apple And A24 Announce New Scarlet Johansson Movie 'Bride'

Mary Shelley steps out from the shadow of her counterpart, Frankenstein

Scarlet Johansson is ready to take the role of Mary Shelley, the bride of Frankenstein, as well as produce the film.

Scarlet will be working with director Sebastián Lelio, who is well versed in the drama field.

The Scifi Drama coming to you from Apple and A24 will follow a woman created to be an ideal wife, who would rather not be subjected to the ideals of her creator. She flees as she should, but her journey is complicated, as she runs into larger problems for she is seen as a monster

“It is long overdue for Bride to step out of the shadow of her male counterpart and stand alone. Working alongside Rebecca Angelo and Lauren Schuker Blum, Sebastian and I are extremely excited to emancipate this classic anti-heroine and reanimate her story to reflect the change we see today.”

- Scarlet Johansson

The strangest thing about the film was that initially Universal was expected to have The Bride Of Frankstein since knowing about the endeavor this past March. We still may get their resurection but I am still excited for Johansson to be at the forefront with her take on the film. I feel like it will be super important at these times.

Do you think this take on The Bride of Frankenstein will be better than the hollywood original?

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