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Are Horror Movies Bad For You?

Let's talk, but please, continue watching horror this month

Okay, so we all have talked about this as horror fans throughout our lifetime or at least our time watching horror films. Horror is known to give us some pretty frightful nightmares and even have us seeing apparitions just out of our peripheral during the nighttime. Now, if you're really deep into the horror binging which I know you are, then you're seeing spooky shit during the day.

Now if you search online, "Are horror movies bad?" you get a quote from Healthline that says this...

The study also found that participants who watched more than 2 hours of TV each night displayed higher levels of depression than those who had shorter viewing times.

Binge-watching horror movies also increases the regularity of adrenaline in the body, worsening issues with sleep.

So right off the bat, we know horror movies have an effect on your mental health, and your sleep. So this comes with the territory and as a proud horror movie viewer, I can live with the lack of sleep and being a little sad from time to time.

I'm never really sad during horror movies, for during the horror movies when there are scares, what happens in our brains is that our adrenal gland pumps us with adrenaline. It's pretty obvious to pinpoint the depression causes as having a lack of good horror films in which that case, don't worry, I'll have some lists up soon.

Now as for the sleep schedule, mine has always been shot to shit. All of ours is. I'm always sleeping in, Z is always in different countries and states, and I'm pretty sure C is just always astral projecting.

In my horror movie heyday when I was just watching them all the time as a teen, I remember some nights when I was running out of the house in just my undies. I think that's the most danger I've ever been in. Just a young boy, pretty much naked, out in the street at nighttime... What happened was I woke up to what I still think today as a demon, who manifested himself into a large, bluish in skin tone, bald man, that attacked me in my sleep. I remember the experience as being so visceral that when I shot out of bed to roadrunner get the fuck out of there, I bumped the side of this manifested entity with my hip. Now it could have been the side of my bed as to how fast I Hussein Bolted out of there but you have to believe me...

Are horror movies bad for you? Hm... Well, my heart rate did not need to drastically jump to 150bpm at 1 a.m that night.

Your brain releases cortisol during a horror movie which is what keeps you alert and ready for action. I must have been watching horror movies RIGHT as I was going to bed. Silly me. The solution could definitely be to save an hour or two in between horror and bedtime.

Now let's not ignore the fact that I was initially a pretty fucked up kid. Let's not get into details but you could catch me back then just laughing to myself from time to time. Some people called it ADHD, for me it was my imaginary friend Tom.

Now I have extreme cases of anxiety growing up and in most cases, you can link it to horror films. Put me in an elevator and I think of Devil, put me on the highway and I think of Final Destination 2, put me in a Cabin in the Woods and I think of Cabin in the Woods, there are so many more.

I feel like I'm always living under suspense and danger which in turn makes my life a tad bit more interesting. Horror films are my draw from the mundane if you will.

Horror movies have their side effects... But I love em...

How has horror negatively affected you?

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