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Ariana Greenblatt + Adam Driver + Sam Raimi + Scott Beck + Bryan Woods = '65'

Sony prepares us for what seems to be one of the greater collaborations this year

I know, I know, I know. You may only see Adam Driver and Sam Raimi in that title. Scott Beck and Bryan Woods if you didn't know are the minds behind A Quiet Place. Ariana Greenblatt surprised me with her role in Love and Monsters or Disney's One And Only Ivan.

What's most important for me is that Beck and Woods have formed together and this is a return of the two working with Raimi, as they recently wrote and directed an episode on 50 States of Fright. R.I.P Quibi.

If you came hoping for some details on the plot, I'm sorry. I've scoured the internet and this for the time being is all we know.

Which Sam Raimi film would you suggest to a first timer?

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