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Army Of The Dead Officially Slapped With A Bloody R-Rating

I think we all knew that this was coming, not many PG zombie films.

Zack Snyder is coming hard in 2021 with graphic Superhero and Zombie violence. From thumbnails, it doesn't look to be the over-the-top violence and spectacle depicted in everyone's favorite Spartan documentary, 300, but it looks to be very close in kin to that of Dawn of the Dead.

The official rating obtained from the MPAA has been attached with this reasoning: Strong bloody violence, gore and language throughout, some sexual content and brief nudity/graphic nudity.

The film features Dave Bautista leading a large cast into a densely infected zombie dead zone in Las Vegas to pull off a gigantic heist. The film has been heavily described by Zack Snyder as being 'balls-to-the-walls' chaos and that excites the hell out of fans.

Netflix has a wide roster of big triple-A films to come out this year, including this one that's to be expected to land on the streamer on May 21st. A trailer is set to be revealed tomorrow on February 25th.

How excited are you for the two Zack Snyder films to drop this year?

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