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Back 4 Blood Closed Alpha Gameplay Showcases Tasty First-Person Co-op Zombie Killing

When this comes out sorry but I'm taking the week off

There's really not much else I can say personally besides, "Finally!". I don't know why it feels like we're always at a loss for first-person shooter horror cooperative campaigns. Turtle Rock Studios has just flown in to save our asses though. Back 4 Blood looks like the type of game I've been waiting for since... you know... we'll talk about it.

From the first minute of watching the gameplay video that I'll provide below, my first thought was Left 4 Dead, but I don't care because that is still one of my most favorite cooperative shooter games I've played to date. When the recent update for Left 4 Dead drop there was No Doubt In Gwen Stefani's collective music career that I was pulling some sweaty hours on that game. I soon came to the realization that the past is the past, before coming to tears, and then to terms with my sad cooperative first-person shooterless existence.

The game is in Pre-Alpha so anything you see in the gameplay trailers is subject to change.

A Left 4 Dead successor named Earthfall came out not too long ago and I bought it on release, made sure my friends knew about it, but it wasn't the fix I needed. After watching this gameplay I have my right to be a little skeptical but I think with Turtle Rock Studios that we are in the right hands. Turtle Rock Studios was formerly Valve, the game company that had previously developed the beloved Left 4 Dead games.

At this point, I'm not wrong to call this Left 4 Dead 3. The game has even added a more in-depth and heavily relied on teamwork element that will have players on their toes throughout each playthrough. This is exciting because Left 4 Dead, after a while became a simple gameplay loop that grew stale after a handful of playthroughs which isn't the game's fault. I mean, how many games even bid you multiple playthroughs?

From the gameplay trailer that consists of a playthrough of an entire gameplay chapter that has been split up into four parts, you see a lot of L4D similarities. You start in a point A saferoom and your objective is to get to a point B saferoom with plenty and I mean PLENTY obstacles in between. These obstacles consist mostly of zombies ranging from the running, walking, and jumping type to the special infected zombies ranging from the large, agile, and stealthy type.

The zombie virus in question is called the Devil Worm and it's a parasite. The deformations of the parasite come in a variety and these versions of the infected I recently referred to as 'special infect' are called the 'Ridden'. Our apocalyptic fighters are aptly named The Cleaners. These are the badass run-and-gunners that you will be fighting with along with friends through drop-in and drop-out gameplay sessions.

PvP will also be available where you get to play as the Ridden or the survivors.

Back 4 Blood will come to PC, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5 on June 22nd, 2021.

How excited are you for this new cooperative shooter?