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Blair Witch Game Comes To The Oculus Quest This Halloween

A Survival Horror Game Meant For The Brave And The Stupid (in a good way!)

Developed by Bloober Team, Blair Witch, the first-person psychological and survival game is celebrating it's one year anniversary with an Oculus Quest port (As well as a physical PS4 release). This means that, if you're daring, you can willingly throw yourself into the same woods alone where anyone else who found themselves there went missing.

This game is of course based on the Blair Witch series of horror films by Lionsgate, and the game is published by Lionsgate Games for all gaming platforms.

Throughout the duration of this game, you will only be equipped with a camera, cellphone, a flashlight, and your dog, Bullet. The objective is to find a missing boy, named Peter, presenting you with a handful of detective puzzles to solve until you get there. This game was very well done and I very much enjoyed my playthrough and will consider picking it up again for the Oculus Quest. It was hard to think much of anything in the game was really happening, due to it's horrifying psychological affects, and the experience in VR should amplify that feeling.

The Oculus Quest version will also be a slightly different experience in terms of gameplay. You will be able to interact with objects in different ways then you could before in the standard game. Think of this as an update if you've played the game before. There will be additional tweaks to the environment and gameplay will be spiced up with more paranormal encounters.

On October 29th, be ready to experience all of the lore of the film series itself by hopping into the darkness yourself. We at The Bloody Pulp just hope your sanity won't suffer in the process.

Is this paranoia plunge right into the thick of evil for you? Or will you take a pass?

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