Blink-182/Angels & Airwaves Musician Tom DeLonge Writing/Directing Sci-Fi Film!

I. F-ing. Love. Blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves.

I will consume any piece of art/media/music that this guy makes. Tom DeLonge is my second favorite musician of all time (after Paul McCartney.) I've seen Blink-182 live twice, and Angels & Airwaves live once.

I own several shirts/hoodies/merch/vinyl of both bands. My first tattoo will be an Angels & Airwaves tattoo.

And now he's working on his first feature film as director!

The film, titled "Monsters Of California" will be a coming of age adventure film with heavy sci-fi elements.

Monsters of California is a coming of age adventure with a science fiction twist that follows teenager Dallas Edwards and his derelict friends on a quest for the meaning behind a series of mysterious, paranormal events in Southern California. The truths they uncover begin to unravel extraordinary secrets held tightly within the deepest levels of the Government.”

Tom DeLonge also co-wrote the script with Ian Miller, as well as composed original music for the soundtrack!

Are you excited for a sci-fi film from the mind behind Blink-182??

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