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Bloober Team Releases Terrifying Gameplay Trailer For The Medium

A title I've been anxiously waiting for since it was first announced

Medium has a new 14-minute gameplay trailer!

Get ready for this next title from Bloober Team that puts you in the shoes of a woman with the ability to travel to the spirit world and perceive what others can't. She is called a Medium, and in this generous 14-minute trailer we follow as she scours inside the Niwa Hotel investigating a massacre that once took place there.

A game I played of Bloober Teams before was called The Observer and it was one of my favorite horror experiences at the time. It didn't rely on cheap jump scares, only atmosphere, which I greatly appreciate in these jump scared filled times. I have so much invested that this game will also follow suit and instead indulge me deep into their immersive world once again.

Now that you've seen Niwa Hotel for yourself, what do you think? Are you excited about your new creepy endeavors? How creepy is Sadness, the little girl our protagonist Marianne met in her switch to the spirit world? This game seems chock full of lore and things to uncover throughout the playthrough of the game.

The most interesting part about the trailer is when you can see Marianne in both the spirit and the normal world. I can imagine the split view will help you solve puzzles and discover alternate paths in the game. I am so excited!

The game comes out this month and you can bet your buttocks I'll be playing it through on Twitch. For Xbox Series and PC, come check out this game on release on January 28th, 2021.

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