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'Let The Wrong One In' Is A Vampire Satire Starring Anthony Head

I'm not sure how I feel about my favorite vampire film getting a comedy version

Let The Right One In is one of my favorite vampire films featuring a young lad with vampiric abilities who gets bullied and toyed with at school. It's a story about how he finds his revenge while honing his abilities.

Let The Wrong One In seems to be a satire of this film, featuring Anthony Head from Repo! as a Taxi Driver who is also a Vampire Hunter.

Conor McMahon took the director's chair for this attempt at vampire comedy. He's known for his work on the film Stitches, the movie that focused on a killer undead clown in 2012. McMahon just finished production in Dublin and is expected for release in 2021.

Due to the delay of the pandemic, we might of had this film by later this year.

“Let the Wrong One In follows a young supermarket worker who discovers his older brother has turned into a vampire and must decide whether to help or slay his sibling.”

McMahon will be casting new talent like Karl rice and Eoin Duffy, so expect new blood for this film.

What is a favorite vampire film that comes to mind? If it's Twilight, I won't judge!

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