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'Brain Freeze' Releases Zombies On The Back 9

An interesting new zombie film that takes place in a Golf Club

Brain Freeze shows us how much more terrifying a bad golf day can be.

Zombie movies are great. There's nothing better than when the zombie set up to explain the outbreaks are more absurd than ever. In this case, a biotech engineer that grooms this golf course contaminates the water with his snow melting fertilizer.

If I were in this situation, I'd be using the zombies for some neat trick shots or just attempt to be the first to shoot under par on a course infested with zombies. That, of course, depends on whether or not I drank the water which I most likely did.

The trailer above shows a baby just doing his own things amidst the zombies doing theirs in this hilarious attempt at situational irony which leads me to believe we're to be expecting a horror-comedy. I'm all for it, it reminds me of Little Monsters, the film that took a school trip to a zombie-infested park.

Julien Knafo writes and directs Brain Freeze, as the production has Barbara Shrier to lead.

What do you think about this one? Watch or Pass?


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