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Breaking | Hawaii's First-Ever Drive-Thru Haunted House Will Be At Aloha Stadium

Celebrating the first-week, drivers can have a haunted house experience AND will being completely safe!

Habilitat just launched the first drive-thru horror experience at Aloha Stadium in Hawai'i. As a fundraiser for Habilitat as they are an organization that helps addicts with substance abuse.

When you arrive, you will be told to put on your emergency breaks, shut your lights off, and roll your windows up before the experience occurs.

The CDC will not allow traditional haunted house experiences as it goes against the practice of social distancing and attendees will likely spread the virus through screams.

“We just wanted to find a way because there’s not a lot of things to do right now. So we wanted to find something fun that was extremely safe that you can enjoy from the seat of your car and we just thought, ‘What about a haunted drive-thru?’”

- Allie Morales (Habilitat Organizer)

The organization around this time would be hosting a luau which was canceled this year because of the pandemic. So, instead of their annual event, Habilitat thought of a friendly but safe way to get people together to enjoy some good scares.

Aloha Stadium, the University of Hawai'i at Manoa Athletics

This was described as a hit new event fundraiser, as for the first week the attraction is sold out all throughout October. So Habilitat will be considering more showtimes.

This is a great way for horror lovers who were just dying to get out to experience something new and different, and escape the horrors of today. I hope to see some of these amusement setups around me soon!

Would you find yourself attending a haunted drive-thru? Will the safety get in the way of the thrill? Do you have any ideas along with the CDC guidelines that could spread horror?

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