BREAKING: New M. Night Shyamalan Film Has Started Filming! Gets Official Title + Artwork!

Hopefully this film is good, and officially proves M. Night is back to his masterclass status!

Incase you haven't heard, M. Night Shyamalan is currently working on not one, but TWO new films for Universal. The first of which has officially begun the filming process!

M. Night is one of my favorite filmmakers of all time. Signs is my favorite film of all time, and Unbreakable is without a doubt on my top 15 films of all time list.

When he came on the scene with The Sixth Sense, people thought he was the next filmmaking genius. But those thoughts went away for most when he released a string of... not so good films.

We are looking at you, The Last Airbender...

But, The Visit was a solid film. And Split... well Split was a near masterpiece. And Glass was a worthy follow-up. It really seems like M. Night has gotten his footing back, and is ready to blow us away once again with his new project.

“Feels like a miracle that I am standing here shooting the first shot of my new film. It’s called Old."

M. Night tweeted.

In recent interviews, he has described this new project as "weird and dark." And on the official artwork, it's not referred to as a thriller... or a horror... it's called a TRIP. So, will this be M. Night channeling his inner Ari Aster?

Check out the full artwork below!

Along with the artwork, M. Night also tweeted this picture of himself on set!

Are you excited for a new M. Night Shyamalan Trip???

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