BREAKING | New 'Pet Sematary' May or May Not Be a Prequel Film...

Hope Everyone is Ready For More Evil Pet Action!

For those who were unaware, earlier this year it was announced that a new installment of Pet Sematary was in the works for Paramount+... Jeff Buhler, the writer of the 2019 version, is set to return as writer. Initial claims were that the film would be a prequel, but now we are beginning to wonder if that information is accurate.

According to Deadline, Lindsey Beer has been hired to helm the film, and apparently was the writer of the latest draft of the movie script? What this means exactly, we are unsure, but Deadline had this to say... “Even though early reports said this would be a prequel, sources now say the plot’s direction is still being figured out and a prequel is not guaranteed at this time.” Whatever it is, we are down to check it out. As some guys from Maine, we HAVE to support anything with Stephen King's name on it. The 2019 movie made $113 Million at the box office on an estimated $21 Million budget.

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