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BREAKING | Quibi Loses The Streaming Race, Shuts Down In Just 7 Months Time

Quibi, may you rest in peace

After a short 7 months running, Quibi is shut down. Quibi, explain yourself.

The streaming service for your phone was supposed to be a wide range of success but fell short of those hopes these last coming months. I guess the big streaming giants have won the war, I mean I have Netflix and shudder on my phone... what else do I need?

Oh yeah, I needed Sam Raimi's 50 States of Fright that looks like it will be going bye-bye too!

Quibi simply couldn't find its footing and was doomed since launch. We do hope exclusives of the service will not die with it though they do not deserve such treatment.

I partly blame the pandemic for the ten-minute shorts that were built for the busy lifestyle. When Covid-19 hit we were all stuck at home and that format just didn't work so much for those who would rather binge-watch the Netflix Catalog and eat crepes.

This is just too bad and I hope to see this rebranded and turned around when things get better for the world!!!

Were you a Quibi owner? How did it fit into your lifestyle? Will you miss it?

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