BREAKING | 'Sleepaway Camp' Actress Desiree Gould has Passed Away... R.I.P.

Her Name Will Live on Forever.

In 1983 the world was blessed with a slasher film that was far ahead of its time... Sleepaway Camp. Every person involved in the making of that film should be praised and remembered by all fans of not just the film, but the genre as a whole.

Early in the film, Angela's Aunt Martha makes an appearance, and that was indeed played by actress Desiree Gould, who sadly passed away this week.

Outside of acting, Desiree Gould had been a real estate agent since the 1990s.

Sleepaway Camp co-star Felissa Rose paid tribute to Gould on Twitter this week, writing: “My heart is heavy. Today we lost a Sleepaway Camp family member. We all love you Desiree Gould. Thank you for creating such a charismatic and memorable character! Aunt Martha will be forever remembered. Condolences to all your family and friends. Rest easy.”

Desiree Gould was 76 years old... But she will live on forever in Sleepaway Camp. We at The Bloody Pulp offer our biggest condolences to family, friends and fans of Gould.

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