BREAKING | Warner Bros is Planning to Remake Tony Scott's Vampire Classic, 'the Hunger'!

I Know People Are Tired of Remakes, But I Can Get Down With This!

We haven't been getting as many Vampire films as fans of the genre would hope for... But that is about to change. It appears that Warner Bros has decided to remake the Tony Scott classic, The Hunger. The film starred David Bowie, Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve.

Angela Robinson, who helmed an episode of “True Blood”, is in final talks to direct, with Jessica Sharzer (“American Horror Story”) writing the script, reports Deadline.

“Catherine Deneuve played Miriam Blaylock, the last of a race of vampires who’ve lived thousands of years, feeding off the blood of victims. The bloodsucker has told her lovers she will give them immortality by injecting them with her extraordinary blood. In truth, they eventually age and when it does, it happens rapidly, sending them toward an eternal undead state. When the vampire’s lover begins to show signs of aging, she seeks the help of a scientist who specializes in blood and thinks she has found a breakthrough bestowing eternal youth.”

It was based on a novel by Whitley Strieber.


Did You Enjoy The Original Vampire Classic?

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