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Carnage Counts Is Dead Meat For The Purely Sadistic And Morbidly Curious

Death scenes in our favorite horror movies but without the Dead Meat commentary

I covered James A. Janisse's contribution to the horror culture with his horror commentaries but what about the channel fittingly named Carnage Counts?

For Halloween, this channel is doing a content video every 8 hours, counting the kills in any film where a death takes place, even if it's just one.

Check out the Youtube link here if you're interested! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh93zox3V5R7Xb8O7tGpXag

Now, why is this a thing? Well, cinema is an extremely impressive art form as a death scene is an art within itself. The effort taken to pull off a convincing death scene is nothing to look past. Through these videos, we get the cheesiest practical effects to the cleanest CGI pull-offs.

The runner of Carnage Counts includes all the graphic content from each movie thanks to its patrons due to Youtubes' strict policies of not allowing such material to be monetized.

The most impressive thing about this channel is when there are a hundred plus on screen deaths that are counted quite. Carnage Counts also has to detect which bodies make second, third, and so on appearances on screen to make sure they're not counted for those times.

Alike James A. Jannisse, Carnage Counts is also part of the In Search of Darkness Docuseries.

From time to time I catch myself watching these, especially when I'm not to interested in seeing the whole movie. I'm always interested on how much care the filmmakers take towards their kills either way!

Are you a subscriber to Carnage Counts or Dead Meat? Would you rather your kill counts with or without commentary?