Celebrate Shark Week With "Shark Music"... Independent Artist Spotlight

With Shark Week (For another Shark article, Click Here) currently in effect it seems like crazy timing to come in contact with this small independent band that makes... Shark Music. Yah, I know. I sat down with Seth McClellan (Bassist/Marketing) to ask all the questions so you don't have to!

What is your bands name and where did it come from?

"TRAWL... Because we are from Portland Maine, we wanted to find a way to embrace the nautical grit and spirit of the city. In literal terms, the word TRAWL refers to the act of dragging a fishing net to ensnare various sea creatures, but fundamentally, the word also means “to search”. We really liked this deeper idea that everyone is in constant search of something in their lives, whether it’s a place to belong or just a good time."

What is your bands involvement with Shark Week?

"Our involvement in Shark Week started when we recorded and released our debut single “Carcharodon”. It’s a Jaws-esque funky/heavy jam voiced from the perspective of a ravenous Great White Shark. It’s become a fan favorite at live shows that has inspired us to go all in with our geeky love for sharks with our merch designs, stage props/imagery and we hold an annual Shark Week Giveaway where fans can win rad TRAWL merch (which is happening right now)."

Just so you know, I heard the track and it's honestly quite entertaining and unique. A link to the song will be posted at the bottom of the Article!

What is the thing that draws your interest in Sharks?

"Sharks have become kind of a spirit animal for the band. Symbolically, they get a bad rap for being associated with things like greed and fear. But for us, sharks are a symbol of strength, empowerment and being fearless in pursuit of our creative vision for the band. Ever since I saw JAWS when I was a kid I have been intrigued by the suspense and mystery of sharks. They are fascinatingly terrifying and beautiful fish to watch and study."

What was the coolest moment of your career so far?

"Two exciting things happened around the making of our song “Carcharodon”. We got to work with Producer/Engineer Kevin Billingslea who has worked with bands like Lamb of God, Cruel Hand and Vanna. He’s an incredible producer that helped us to really sell the musical idea of a lurking shark waiting in the deep with his razor-toothed grin then plunging into attack mode shredding every victim its path. The second cool thing that happened is we worked with artist Jeorge Milonas (Jnk Artworks) from Greece for the cover art. Shortly after, Jeorge got the opportunity to make some official art and tour lithographs for the band TOOL (who is one of our major influences). It’s been incredibly cool to see a great artist get some much-deserved recognition."

Where can people hear your music and learn more?

Hear TRAWL on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube

Follow TRAWL on:




www.trawlband.com | They also have a podcast available on Spotify (CLICK HERE)

Well... There you have it. You can now say you've heard Shark Music. What did you think? Do you plan on listening to them more? Let us know in the comments!

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