Character Posters Released For Fear The Walking Dead Season 6!

The Past Is Dead.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 is premiering on October 11th! Are you excited? I am.

AMC has released the yearly character posters. And if there is one thing they want to make sure we know, it's that "The Past Is Dead."

Above is the fan favorite, and season 1 original, Daniel Salazar!

Check out the rest of the character posters below.

Victor Strand.


That guy from last season who's name I don't remember.

And finally, the one and only Morgan Jones. Who is sporting a sick beard.

Surprisingly, there are quite a few characters missing. Where is the Alicia poster? The Dwight poster? The Grace poster?

Who knows. But they will surly be in season 6!

Are you a Fear The Walking Dead fan??

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