Check Out This New Friday The 13th Board Game

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Bored in quarantine? This may be the bloodiest fix

From OP Games, this board game will surely cure you from the endless dark pit that is quarantine. (Especially quarantine with family, right?)

We know the longer this pandemic goes on, the darker your thoughts get. But this game will be a perfect outlet! No more banging your head against a wall! Yay!

Official Description: "Friday the 13th: Horror at Camp Crystal Lake is a press-your-luck survival game that puts you and your friends in the roles of camp counselors in a faceoff with the hockey-masked murderer for an intense five “nights”. Endure the suspense and win by gathering the most valuable supplies or finding safety as others lose everything, with unexpected hitches the whole way!

Reach into a closed Camp Bag to secure an ax, keys, cleaver, gas tank, flashlight, or frying pan and keep them on your person. But be careful, Jason Tokens that represent his encounters are also inside, and ending up with two of them drops the proverbial hammer on your place in the game. Players continue stockpiling Supply Tokens, backstabbing fellow counselors with Fear Cards, and vying for additional bonuses until one person makes it through with the most points."

Pre-Order the game at the link below!!

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