Child's PLay Remake Sequel Reportedly In Development!

Will Mark Hamill return to voice the Buddi doll?

Alright, so not only do we have a continuation of the original Chucky in the new Chucky TV Series, but now we may even have a sequel to the reboot? Honestly... We're down.

Early reports from wegotthiscovered claim that the movie is officially happening. While we are reporting this with caution and hope you take the info with caution, we are 100% onboard with this idea.

Child's Play scraped by in theaters only making a total of $44 Million worldwide on a $10 Million budget. Obviously this small amount of money was enough for the studio to be willing to try again. The assumption is they are hoping it hits a bit harder next time. The movie reviewed well with critics however was received poorly by the core fan-base due to its removal of paranormal and addition of AI.

We personally really dug the unique approach and thought the movie was filled with heart and fun moments. However, that's the beauty of them continuing both series, if you hate the remake, just continue the original!

Would you watch the sequel? Let us know in the comments!

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