Children Of The Corn Remake Receives R Rating!

I love the short story, but if I'm completely honest, the film desperately needs a remake.

I know the original film has a huge cult following. But the film never clicked with me. Which is weird because I love most cheesy horror films despite glaring flaws, and pretty much anything that bares the name Stephen King.

I don't usually look forward to remakes, but if there is any film that I'd be genuinely excited for a remake, it's Children Of The Corn.

The remake has already been filmed and has been in post-production throughout the pandemic. But news has just broke that it has received it's official rating!

It'll be Rated R for "Violence and Bloody Images."

And to us here at The Bloody Pulp, that sounds like a great time!!

Are you excited for a Children Of The Corn Remake??

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