Clive Barker Is Back. Teases New Collection "FEAR ETERNAL" & New Novel!

His Novella "The Hellbound Heart" Inspired The Hellraiser Film Series!

Clive Barker is a master of horror, and dark art. And he has been more or less M.I.A. for quite awhile. Well, now he is back. And he is teasing a new book!

“It’s been a long silence, I know, but I am returning to the fold with a new novel, DEEP HILL."

Barker tweeted. Making everyone's week so much better. He then added he's releasing:

"a large collection of out-of-print short stories, NEW short stories and a novella called MERCY AND THE JACKAL, the collection to be called FEAR ETERNAL.”

But that's not all. He also has collection of poems on the way!

"I’m also ready to release a large volume of some 250 poems, edited by Paulo Lorca and published by @philandsarah. Much more news to share soon.”

Are you excited to jump back into the dark mind of Clive Barker??

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