Clive Barker Joins HBO's Hellraiser Series As Executive Producer!

Does this news make you have even more faith for the series?

Incase you didn't know, there are currently TWO different Hellraiser projects on the way. Splyglass Media is currently developing a reboot of the film franchise.

And possibly even more excitingly, HBO is working on a Hellraiser TV series.

About that, HBO has stated that the series "is by no means a remake, but rather assumes the past mythology to be a given." And that it's "an elevated continuation of the existing Hellraiser mythology."

Clive Barker, author of the novella "The Hellbound Heart", which Hellraiser is based on, also director of the original Hellraiser film, has been in a legal battle over the rights to Hellraiser.

He filed a lawsuit last year to terminate the transfer of rights. And when this was announced, it put these projects in jeopardy. However, before the lawsuit has even been settled, HBO signed Barker on as Executive Producer!

So what could have been an ugly dispute is now a beautiful partner ship.

Barker said he is

"delighted the Hellraiser mythology is seeing a new life. It’s time the stories went back to their roots. I’m eager to bring to a new audience the most powerful and ancient elements of horror: the darkest evil invading our human lives and how we must find in ourselves the power to resist it."

Will you be watching an HBO Hellraiser series??

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