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Color Out of Space is the Adaptation Lovecraftians needed

... and the Nick Cage we don't deserve

I love the original short story written by H.P Lovecraft. What I love about the mythos he's created is that it taps into the limits of your imagination, poking at your fear of the unknown, tugging at your heartstrings when the cute family dog turns into a disgusting pile of pink goop. Lovecraft typically builds horror that's closest to home, putting high levels of stress on one family, driving them to madness. Personally, Gremlins, and It, aren't the only reasons I peak into my toilet from time to time before dropping off some goods. H.P got me looking for Cthulu in the smallest bodies of water, everywhere I go.

Color out of Space is a Shudder Exclusive.

We follow Nicolas Cage and his family as they move into a deep rural area in New England in search of a more transcendentalist experience away from the constant buzz from the city life. I'm sure we can all get down with this. Usually, movies begin with a more nonsensical approach like visiting a cabin in the woods, taking a film crew into a haunted forest, or simply answering the door to a bunch of masked strangers like seriously Kristen Mckay, why the hell would you go back into the house after surviving the first time? Anyway, the family tries to get used to their new home, adjusting to life 'in the sticks'. The family turmoil is at a medium with constant father daughter fights and and a degenerate son ditching his homework to smoke weed in the nearby barn. These family problems turn into catastrophic problems when a meteor crashes right in the family's front yard. Nathan Gardner, played by famed actor Nicolas Cage, tries blowing the event off until different coloration's of pink, blue, and purple become anything and everything he sees.

From the beginning I was engaged all the way up until the exposition followed by the super weird ending with (spoilers) basically the entire family becoming infected by this cosmic entity that affects everything it fucking touches. The visuals were extremely trippy with the environment surrounding the family becoming a purple tint making for a very psychedelic experience. If a group of fellas with long hair, sandals, and open button ups want you to take some LSD with them, maybe suggest sitting together and watching this film instead.

Do you agree with how I feel about this movie, or did it leave a lot more to be desired for a Lovecraft adaptation? Let me know in the comments !

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