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CORPSE - Who Is The Mysterious, Faceless, Horror Themed YouTuber??

A title as mysterious as the man behind it

Something pretty interesting is happening on the internet this year. A mysterious masked man is becoming the most searched thing on the internet recently. No, the mask isn't because of the Coronavirus. The mask is an image, a brand. Corpse Husband is a faceless Youtuber, meaning his identity remains hidden throughout his content.

For content on Youtube, Corpse gives chilling narration over real-life horror stories. He is known for his very deep voice as well, which brings on an additional horror element to his videos. From being faceless, viewers can use their imagination while watching Corpse's videos. It is easier for them to being immersed in the content, retaining credibility to the masked man.

The Youtuber is also an artist and has released 5 emo punk songs this year amassing a ton, if not millions, of streams to his artist pages. It almost feels like the emo scene from 2008 is coming back again, because the audience he's grown is immense. One of his most recent songs, E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE I'll throw a video of down below.

Corpse on top of his music success has also joined forces with the most popular YouTubers on the platform to play Among Us, a game that has become extremely popular this month and the last. Through these videos, everyone subscribing to these popular letsplayers that didn't know Corpse was introduced and fell in love with his voice and his humor as the game requires players to talk amongst each other.

There are plenty of YouTubers that go faceless on the platform such as BlackySpeakz, a young and well networked fan of hip hop who speaks on the current climates of the genre and the community. Faceless Youtubers are constantly being harassed for face reveals to unveil the mystery. Recently Corpse posted to one of his social media accounts that if he had gotten sub 20,000 likes he would post a picture of his hand. Of course, he met his marks and posted this picture of his hand on social media.

People everywhere went wild on the internet over this single picture of a hand. Of course, you can find millions of pictures of hands on the internet but it was the fact that it was Corpse's hand that got people goin' crazy. When I saw it, I felt a tingling in my crotch region.

A quite comical trend of this year among millennials has been 'simping' which is a slang insult towards men who expense a lot more energy than normal towards women, out of the pure intentions to receive sexual favors. While some men are going crazy for the masked mystery, women all over the internet are becoming simps as well. You see guys... it doesn't matter that you're ugly.

Probably one of the strangest perfect storms for one person's success I've seen on the platform in all of my years. If you are in the mood for creepy well narrated real-life horror stories, check out Corpse Husband's YouTube channel, for he does do an excellent job delivering horror!

What's your take on harassing and drooling over people we don't know on social media? Do you see the emo punk scene coming back?

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