Cult Leader C's Top 5 Films For The Halloween Season!

It's finally the greatest time of the year.

When it comes to reasons to live, the fall season is high on my short list. The cold air, the leaves under your feet, pumpkin spice shit at Starbucks, and finally being able to wear all the hoodies I impulsively bought over the summer.

And Horror Movies.

All throughout the year, I'm tempted to watch all the movies on this list. But I have to backhand myself, call myself weak and worthless, and throw all these blu-rays away to avoid the temptation. Then when the Halloween season arrives, I drive 90 MPH to the garbage dump, dig out the blu-rays, and come back home and watch them alone in the dark like a weirdo.

Why, you ask? Because I'm a man of atmosphere. I take my film watching very seriously. If I hear one person chewing on popcorn past the 30 minute mark at the theater, it usually ends with a lawsuit and a ton of wasted popcorn. ( About $435 dollars worth at the theater hahah)

I save these 5 films for the month of October. These films shape and mold my spooky mind during the spookiest season. I watch them in a room filled with horror merch and memorabilia, with a Michael Myers pillow next to me and a bottle filled with cough syrup and razor blades. The only company is that of my kitty Cooper and granny dog Emma. (And the weird old man that appears on my stairwell at midnight and knocks 3 times.)

Ready for the list? Be prepared to call me basic!!!

One thing to keep in mind before we get into the list. These aren't necessarily my favorite horror films of all time. Nor do I necessarily think they are the best horror films of all time. These are just simply the movies I enjoy watching the most during the Halloween season. I find them to match the atmosphere, the tone and the overall feelings of the season.

#1 - John Carpenter's The Fog

Is this Carpenter's best work? No. But it is definitely one of his most fun films. The creepy fog on the waterfront, and as always, the brilliant bone chilling John Carpenter theme.

The fog rolls in, and with it murderous ghosts. And with a cast like Jamie Lee Curtis, Adrienne Barbeau and Nancy Loomis, there is absolutely nothing to dislike about this film. This is Carpenters follow-up to his iconic Halloween film, and The Fog definitely gets buried by that fact. But when watched on it's own, it shines bright.

It's not as dark as Halloween. It's not a serious horror film. But it's fun, thrilling, and one of the best pulp horror films ever made.

#2 - The Strangers

Now let's get into the reeeeally dark stuff. The Strangers is a horror film unlike any other. This is quite possibly the most horrifying film I have ever seen. The direction, the acting, the tone of this film just SCREAMS dreary. And yes, that is absolutely a compliment.

The film stars Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman. They play a couple who are on the verge of breaking up. Before the film even begins, it's sad and bleak.

Then the strangers show up. And they torment the couple in the best home invasion film ever made. Kip Weeks play "The Man In The Mask", and his physical portrayal rivals that of some of the best horror movie villains.

I want to be scared during the Halloween season. And this film scares me.

#3 - Monster House

Monster House is WITHOUT A DOUBT the best horror film for kids. And no, I'm not just saying that because I've never seen Hocus Pocus or Nightmare Before Christmas. I'm saying it because it's true.

But it's not only for kids. It's for cool people too. Cool people like me, and like you. (Unless you buy video games digitally, then you ain't cool.) The film follows one of the best trios in film history as they battle a house that's possessed by an obese lady.

It has the voice talents of Steve Buscemi, Kevin James and Jason Lee. Go watch Monster House right now unless you're a lame MF.

#4 - The Evil Dead

The Evil Dead is the golden standard for independent horror films. Most people seem to like The Evil Dead 2 more, which I understand. But I personally like the first one far more. It's scarier, creepier and more unsettling, in my opinion.

Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell made a film that have inspired horror filmmakers ever since they crashed onto the scene in 1981.

The film takes place in a cabin in the woods, where a group of young people discover a weird evil book. After reading the book, demons and a whole bunch of weird shit is unleashed in the cabin and it's surrounding woods. There's possession, there's a bit of humor, and whole bunch of blood. The Evil Dead is amazing, despite what Cult Leader Z says.

#5 - Halloween (1978)

Do I really need to explain why one of the best films of all time, HALLOWEEN, is the best film to watch during the Halloween season?

No, I don't.


#6 - The Shining

I know I said these films aren't necessarily my favorite horror films of all time. But The Shining IS my favorite horror film of all time!

An empty hotel, in the middle of the mountains, separated from the rest of the world and blocked off by a snow storm. Oh yeah, and it's haunted. Filled with ghosts that convince you to kill. There is no greater horror movie setting or concept. And I will defend that with my bare hands and/or nunchucks.

There's only one reason why I didn't include this in my main list. It's because in Maine, where I live, we often have harsh snowstorms in the winter. I've been blocked in my house by several feet of snow on many occasions. And I like to save The Shining to watch during a snowstorm.

But, if you live in a state where you don't get much snow. Absolutely watch The Shining in October!!

Well there you have it. Those are my favorite films to watch during the Halloween season!! On a scale of 1-10, how basic am I? - Cult Leader C

What are your favorites??