"Cursed Films" Season 2 Officially Coming To Shudder

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Documentary series CURSED FILMS is getting a second season!

Yep. And I'm excited as hell.

In case you don't know, Cursed Films is a docu-series about behind the scenes tragedies that often happen on the sets of horror films. It also separates fact from fiction, and looks at legends and hearsay as well.

The series interviews the cast and crews of your favorite films, so we can listen to their firsthand experiences.

Season 1 included episodes about The Crow, The Exorcist, Poltergeist and more! It's well worth checking out. Let's hope season 2 has a Shining episode...

Here's a quote from Shudder general manager, Craig Engler: "Season 1 of Cursed Films captivated audiences with its thoughtful but unflinching exploration of the often tragic events surrounding some of history’s most notorious productions, becoming an instant hit for us and earning rave reviews from both critics and viewers. Since its debut, the number one question we’ve been asked is: Will there be more, and how soon? We’re delighted to say that we’re partnering with Jay (Writer, Director, Producer) once again for a second season of Cursed Films that will be even bigger and better than the first."

There is no set release date yet.

I'll be watching day one. Will you?

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