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Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance Cancelled By Netflix For No Specific Reason

This kid-friendly Netflix show gets axed after only one season...

Narrated by 'Alien's Sigourney Weaver, the fantasy saga showed promise with a deep and complex world, innovative technical prowess, and excellent storytelling. With such promise and potential to build an audience, you can say this was a wrong move by Netflix. With no specific reason stated, Netflix hinted at the production of the show would have cost too much to continue.

Over the past year, I've seen plenty Netflix start startups, too many to count, that it's oversaturating the streaming platform. And with many of them getting canned after too long, it makes it hard for me to get into a show, knowing there may be a solid chance a follow-up season may never come to be.

I don't recognize The Dark Crystal IP, if it even is one, but what I'm taking from it is a very nostalgic NeverEnding Story vibe. Based on reviews of this show The Dark Crystal touched on economical repression, oppression, and political reform while rapping it up in a fun and exciting world. For me, as a child, all these topics would have gone way over my head. But as an adult, this probably would have been an alright show. If not for the oversaturation of Netflix shows I might have watched and enjoyed it.

Dissecting this cancellation might also show another reason why these types of productions can't work in 2020. The main characters being puppets may have been offsetting to some younger viewers. And with only a modicum of expressions to be shown, it may have been hard to get engaged. The reason I'm covering this on a horror website is also because the puppets might also be terrifying to little children. It's sad to say that because of these reasons, we'll never see a climax of this show. And it wasn't until now that I found interest in it!

Oh yeah, and apparently it won an Emmy this week. So that made this news even more shocking!!

What does this say for upcoming Netflix pilots? Is there a 'box' creators have to be in?

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