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Dark Pictures Anthology: House Of Ashes Announced Upon Release Of Newest Game

If you liked 'Little Hope' the next chapter is on it's way

I've yet to dive into the recently released Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope. I did however, finish the one prior and am excited to pick it up as soon as I finish a few other titles like Amnesia: Rebirth.

If you played Little Hope and made it to the end you saw the reveal of this teaser trailer...

House of Ashes puts you in control as the decision maker, pitting your characters against underground predators in some creepy territory. Set in the middle east, you'll be thrown into the world of sumerian mythology.

Little Hope hasn't recieved the best reviews but the direction seems to of improved since Man of Medan. For me, the interactive co-op feature saves most of the game's flaws and makes them bearable.

It looks like we'll be seeing Ashley Tisdale to play as one of the new characters. Alongside Tisdale, it seems to look as if we'll also be taking control of some military personnel whom we've taken a look at in this trailer. Hmm, maybe we'll have guns this time?

House of Ashes is set for release in 2021 and will likely hit PC, Xbox One, and Playstation.

Have you played any games in this series? Let us know!

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