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Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Is Worth The Buy Ladies And Gentleman

If you were upset with Man of Medan as I was, you might want to take a look at this

Until Dawn really set the standard for British company SuperMassive Game's interactive horror story games. The Wendigoes was terrifying, the story was interesting, and the environment made you feel very uneasy.

Following up Until Dawn with an eight-part anthology series that would continue the interactive story concept of their games, Man of Medan kind of fell short for me. Although co-op support was added and a friend of yours could join you in the horror, I didn't feel at all as on the edge of my chair as I was in Until Dawn. Once you found out that the 'terrifying thing' was this toxic smoke making you think the other player was a monster, you simply just had to not attack or kill anything.

Little Hope had me guessing and piecing together the story all the way through. It was very close to home as I have a residency in one of the most famous places where witchcraft hysteria took place, Salem, Massachusetts.

Throughout the story, you encounter multiple doppelgangers in this thick fog after surviving a bus crash in a ghost town. Each character double from two different time zones. One timezone in the 1900s, a family that died in a house fire from either burning alive, getting crushed, impaled or hung. The second timezone was that of the witch trials where their doubles would get accused of sorcery and sentenced to death interestingly either becoming burned alive, crushed (stoned), impaled, or hung.

The crew must prevent the deaths of their doppelgangers in the past to prevent them from killing them in the future. I had so much fun knowing that if I didn't solve the mystery as soon as possible, my characters would be continuously hunted by creepy monsters.

Hardly any of the characters were likable, but I still wanted to get out with all of them. The only character I liked was Will Poulter's character 'Andrew' because he was the most selfless one. In one of the timezones he dies out of his selflessness. In fact, I found that through making my decisions I made it out fine the times I chose to be selfless.

The only people I killed were Daniel and Taylor, two characters I didn't care too much for. These two characters weren't safe from selfless decisions for in order to of saved them I needed to make a decision out of pure luck.

Some of the deaths are caused if not actively scoring on quick-time events that the game gives you a fair amount of warning for. I found myself having to trust the other player to take care of his quick-time events so I can attempt to save another character in danger. This made for actual hair raising events when shit hit the fan.

So, unfortunately, I didn't make out with all of my characters but I am considering going back in so that I can come out with all the survivors. It is a lot better than my playthrough of Man of Medan in which I got everyone killed in the last ten minutes of the game. Pretty much got everyone killed in Until Dawn as well so I'm happy with how I did.

The ending tied together with the underlying problem that fueled the progress of the story right after the witchcraft timeline arc was finished. However, It did leave me with a lot of questions. You could get an entirely different ending though. I do suggest finding out for yourself.

Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope is available on Xbox One, Pc, and Playstation.

If you've played the second installment of the Dark Pictures Anthology Series, which end result did you come to?