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Dead By Daylight Adding New Characters From The World Of K-Pop

I think everyone is going to have a lot of fun with the Trickster

The Trickster is a former music star turned killer. He joins the Dead By Daylight update with his old producer, Yun-Jin Lee.

This new chapter aptly named All Kill, is a result of Behaviour Interactive working tightly with K-Pop group BTS. Collaborators also included member Kevin Woo from U-Kiss. Below is a short teaser for this brand new chapter.

The Trickster has a long-range ability on top of his Crowd Control and No Way Out perks.

Yun-Jin Lee's personal perks include Fast Track, Smash Hit, and Self-Preservation.

Dead By Daylight is available on all consoles. It's a run-hide-and-seek game where you either play as four survivors versus one killer completing objectives to escape death.

You can catch me playing Dead By Daylight on our Twitch channel.

What's your favorite Dead By Daylight character?

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