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Dead By Daylight's New Chapter Will Add A New Killer And Survivor + A Leatherface Outfit

My favorite yet most dangerous game of hide and seek is getting some updates

Dead By Daylight is a very popular game where you can either play as a killer or one of four survivors that the killer pursues. The role of the survivor is to run around the map fixing generators to power the escape door to exit before getting killed. The killer obviously attempts to kill the survivors. It is a super simple gameplay loop but manages to be incredibly addicting with loads of different perks and items that you can acquire through playing.

Behaviour Interactive has done a lot of consistent work on their game, upgrading graphics, and adding new content just about every month. They even went as far as to prepare their game for this month's next-generation consoles.

'A Binding of Kin' will include Charlotte and Victor. A pair of murderers that seem to be attached to each other pretty grotesquely. You can take control of either twin, one that controls similar to a normal killer, and another that will do a lunge attack at you.

The survivor's name is Elodie Beaumont.

Play Dead By Daylight now on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. If you picked up the new next-gen consoles, you'll be able to play on there soon.

What's your favorite killer featured in Dead By Daylight?

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