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Delayed | Cyberpunk 2077 A Real-Life Horror Story For Gamers

The game that takes you on a terrifying look into the future of crime in a city full of biochemically engineered life

I've always been horrified of a real-life I-Robot situation where our toasters decide to do fuck all for toasting and decide to come after our brains! In this upcoming game, these horrors are disguised under neon lights and fast-paced shooting. For gamers like me, we've known of the existence of this game for 8 years. Yeah, the game was announced in 2012.

CyperPunk 2077 is the biggest game of the year, but we got some bad news... A delay.

CD Projekt Red was kind enough to write an apology letter to fans of the game for the release date was delayed again for the umpteenth time.

This letter below was posted on their official Facebook page with the announcement...

This is a real-life horror story, though no one has died... yet. Gamers are mad, going absolutely bonkers. Stay 6 feet away from strangers and 12 feet away from gamers today until release because they are going to be extra angry these coming weeks. This is an urgent message to stay inside and barricade any gamers in the family in their rooms after lining everything with bubble wrap. Don't get caught in the crossfire, until the crossfire, this is me signing out.

Are you or a loved one affected by this unexpected delay of the most anticipated game of the 2000?

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