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Delayed | Escape Room 2 Moved To 2022

We can't escape 2020

Fans of Escape Room are crying tears today. The horror movie that reminds me of films like Cube and 9 just got a delay and won't premiere in 2021.

Escape Room 2 creator Adam Robitel pushed the release day in theaters to further be dropped on a later date through Colombia Pictures on January 7th, 2022.

This movies interesting if you've ever been to an escape room, the dynamic of the people in the room changes. Leaders are formed, allies are made, people slack, people take control. This movie takes that dynamic to a whole nother level by adding death to the equation.

Atleast there are films like Escape Room that you can watch this year like Circle and The Cube series.

Did you like Escape Room? If not, why not?

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