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'Demigod' Is A New Miles Doleac Movie Starring Rachel Nichols

The 'Continuum' and 'Rage' actress just joined to play the lead role

Miles Doleac - Being super serious

This film will take you to a secluded cabin the Black Forest in Germany. Robin, played by Nichols, has just lost her grandfather who she will soon find out had been taking part in ancient macabre hunting rituals.

Miles Doleac will be making an appearance in this film with his own acting role!

“There’s a lot of pent-up creative energy. It’s exciting and terrifying to be getting back to work on a film. I think, from a creative perspective, that’s a pretty good place to be.”

- Director, Doleac

Lindsay Anne Williams, Alli Hart, Sherri Eakin, and Jeremy London, will also appear in this film.

Doleac specifically chose Nichols in favor of her ability to play the specific type of character he and Michael Donovan have created.

“I needed an actor who could play power, pathos, and vulnerability in equal measure. I’ve admired Rachel’s work for many years and I knew she could brilliantly capture this character’s complexities.”

What's your favorite macabre ancient ritual movie? There's not many mainstream ones I recall. Maybe I'm wrong! I'd like to watch a few though!

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