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Details On Storyline For Dexter Premium Television Series Follow Up Is Here

One of the most anticipated shows for a beloved series just released some details

Man, I have a lot of catching up to do but if I had an hour for every time someone suggested this show I'd have the time to watch it! Now this past month before Halloween we all got the BIG news and I felt like a big faker mcfaker pants covering it without seeing it.

Dexter fans I hope you forgive me for any detachment I have if any of this information is BIG news!

This is big for sure and I'd be dumb not to know it's big because Michael C. Hall played the character that is Dexter and he will be reprising his role.

Showrunner Clyde Phillips will be back and has stated that the show will be a rewrite for a second opportunity to fix the season finale fans disliked. Marcos Siega, the executive producer and director of a handful of episodes will also return. He directed 9 episodes of the original hopefully, episodes that were your favorite!


Set 10 years after Dexter Morgan went missing in the eye of Hurricane Laura, the revival sees the character now living under an assumed name in a world away from Miami.

Expect the show to release next Fall!

Are you a Dexter fan? How top priority should I put watching this show?

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